Our Story

Hi, my name is Ellcee Chandler, the founder and CEO of Regeneration CBD. The seeds of Regeneration were planted in 2014 when I was first introduced to Cannabidiol, CBD, by my daughter. Her grandmother was told by her doctors that she would lose her vision within the next six months due to glaucoma. Glaucoma is an eye condition that damages the optic nerves vital to vision which is caused by abnormally high pressure in the eye and is one of the leading causes of blindness for people over the age of 60. Motivated by love, my daughter, informed by a friend that CBD was known for its anti-inflammatory processes to reduce swelling and pressure in the body, as well as a magnitude of health benefits, drove over 300 miles to personally deliver CBD to her grandmother in hopes that it would save her vision.

Grandma tired the oil for about two weeks and at her next checkup the doctor confirmed that the pressure in her body had significantly decreased. At the time the doctor was at a loss for an explanation and three years later grandma still has her vision! During that same visit my daughter called me crying shortly after starting her menstrual cycle, all throughout her life her menstrual cramps had been so severe that she would be bedridden for two days with a fever, nausea and severe pain. I asked her was was wrong and she told me that she had rubbed some CBD oil she brought for her grandmother on her stomach and that “The Pain is gone!” Normally in a time she would have been nearly incapacitated she felt 100% better. Her doctor had previously prescribed Tramidol, which is an extreme pain killer that she refused to take due to all the negative side effects. CBD changed her life and on that day she called me crying, CBD changed my life too.

For the last three years I’ve been learning about CBD. I found a resource to get pure CBD and I would give it to friends who had a wide magnitude of ailments. I gave it to animals as well as people, all with the notice that I had no idea if or how quickly this would work but in every case it helped significantly! With every response my passion for bringing this incredible product to the masses grew!

For three years I began to learn all about CBD and its multitude of beneficial qualities. I found a resource to supply me with pure CBD oil and began to give it away to friends who had a wide variety of ailments, and they gave it to their pets as well. As they began to share their stories of how significantly CBD improved the quality of their life, with every inspiring story, my passion to bring this incredible product to the masses grew and I was inspired to start my own company, REGENERATION, with the intention to regenerate, repair and restore our body, mind and soul.

Our team is passionate and driven to bring the highest quality of organic products made with the most environmentally sustainable ingredients and infused with LOVE.

What Makes Regeneration Unique?  We Light People Up.

Regeneration believes in Full Spectrum Awareness. We understand that perception creates reality, which includes perceptions on the many benefits of CBD, the source of illness and the full spectrum of resources available to help restore our body and mind to optimum wellness. At Regeneration we know full well that the success of any treatment is interwoven with a belief system, that ultimately it is our expectations and beliefs which will determine the full realization of any treatment intended to restore us to a state of genuine well being and inner harmony.

Regener8tion was designed from the ground up, from our Mom Approved premium organic CBD products to our branding and design of our logo and labels to inspire to you change your perception of reality and invite you harness the full healing powers at your disposal. Often it is distorted perceptions, made up of expectations, biases and past memories that inhibit, or block new information and new methods of healing from being accepted and integrated into the body. Regeneraation is the bridge to a new perception, a new reality full of Loving Healing Light.


Each one of our products contains the many beneficial qualities of CBD isoalte. What one bottle covers, they all cover, it’s just a question how quickly results are desired and to determine the appropriate dose of CBD for each individual condition. The only difference between our products is the level of potency of CBD isoalte per milligram.

When using Regener8tion you can be assured that each of our products:

  • Do NOT contain THC.
  • Is the most versatile CBD formula that can be used for your entire family, including your children and pets.
  • Designed to be easily digestible and flavorless, our products contain just the essential organic MCT coconut carrier oil and CBD isolate.
  • Easy to use bottle with pump dispenser allows for easy sublingual (under the tongue) and topical application with a minimal risk of spilling.
  • We set intentions of healing mind, body and soul with LOVE to every bottle.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you join our journey! – Ellcee


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