Our Story


Regener8tion began for me in 2014, when I was first introduced to Cannabidiol, or CBD. A very close friend had driven over 300 miles to bring her grandmother CBD after learning her grandmother would lose her vision within the next 6 months due to growing pressure in her eyes from glaucoma. My friend understood this oil was known to reduce swelling and inflammation, as well as a magnitude of other health benefits, so she drove hours to make sure her grandmother would use it. Her grandmother tried it for about two weeks, and at her next checkup the doctor confirmed that the pressure had significantly decreased. The doctor didn’t understand why, and three years later she still has her vision!


During that same visit, my friend who was staying with her grandmother started her menstrual cycle. Throughout her life her menstrual cramps had been so severe that she would typically be bedridden for two days with a fever, nausea and severe pain. She rubbed some of the CBD oil she brought for her grandmother on her stomach, and the pain was gone within minutes! She then called me crying, and as I asked her what is wrong, she told me, “The pain is gone!” She told her story of how she put the oil on her stomach and she felt 100%, in a time when she could be nearly incapacitated. She couldn’t believe how quickly this took her excruciating pain away. Her doctor had prescribed her Tramidol which is an extreme pain killer that she refused to take for all the negative effects it had. Before this day I had never heard of CBD but now it certainly had my attention.

For the last three years I’ve been learning about CBD. I found a resource to get pure CBD and I would give it to friends who had a wide magnitude of ailments. I gave it to animals as well as people, all with the notice that I had no idea if or how quickly this would work but in every case it helped significantly! With every response my passion for bringing this incredible product to the masses grew!

As I continued to share my personal stories and get what I felt was miraculous feedback from those using CBD I felt more and more driven to start my own company. I had most of the resources and a strong outreach of friends. Clearly this was a product that needed to be shared! In July of 2017 I began building a team of like-minded, experienced people to help grow REGENER8TION. Our team is passionate and driven to bring the highest quality of organic products made with the most environmentally sustainable ingredients and infused with LOVE.

We are growing REGENER8TION by:

☆ Providing the most versatile CBD formula that can be used for your entire family, including your children and pets.
☆ Providing products that are priced to be affordable and potent as well as easy to use both topically and sublingual.
☆ Setting intentions of healing mind, body and soul with love to every bottle.
☆ Our affiliate program, allowing everyone to benefit by referring REGENER8TION to their friends and local stores.
☆ My favorite part, Our Angels program. A percentage of all sales will go to help families in need of CBD.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you join our journey! – Ellcee