About CBD

The Facts about pure CBD oil:

  1. You are not required to have a doctor’s recommendation to purchase pure CBD.
  2. Our CBD contains no psychoactive elements and no THC. Regener8tion will not make you high.
  3. REGENER8TION CBD is legal in the United States and in many countries around the world.

Who can take CBD?

Every person and animal is naturally designed with an endocannabinoid system full of cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2. Cannabinoid receptors are structured to respond the CBD.

The CBD molecule when isolated is just a molecule. The argument of the CBD molecule being different in marijuana vs hemp is a misconception. CBD is CBD.


Potency refers to the concentration of CBD in each product. The milligrams in each bottle reflect how potent the formula. All of our REGENER8TION products have a high potency with five different options to choose from depending on your individual needs.

We have specifically designed each bottle to be very powerful. Our 5555mg is one of the highest potencies on the market, which gives you 187mg of CBD a day.

There is no exact answer for how much CBD is needed for each individual. Our products provide suggested use though ultimately; the amount of CBD taken will depend on your personal needs.