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Made With Love


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Made with love at 528hz, the
Frequency of Love

Our Story

Regeneration CBD, Made With a Mothers Love.

My name is Ellcee,  I’m the very grateful founder of Regeneration CBD.  

My deep passion for CBD began when I watched my daughters life be completely transformed by using CBD.  She had debilitating pain for at least 2 days every month from her menstrual cycle.  Her doctors had no solutions only extremely powerful pain killers that she couldn’t function on.   My daughter discovered CBD and we watched it literally take her pain away in minutes.   This got my attention!!!  

I extensively researched CBD and discovered the huge magnitude of health benefits that this one molecule held.  I shared my knowledge and passion with everyone who would listen and in doing so I watched it help more and more people.  As a single mom who had felt the pain of seeing her child suffer for so many years, to now have a natural solution, changed my whole life.  I left my extremely successful corporate career to focus on getting CBD to as many people as I could.

During the many years of research and development I learned that CBD, the isolated molecule that comes from the hemp plant is the most powerful part of the plant.  Thus I chose to work with pure CBD Isolate to make the strongest formulas possible.  I use MCT oil which is our most absorbent carrier oil so that you receive the most effective bioavailability.  During my research I also discovered the power of frequencies and the science behind charging substances with frequencies.  I discovered with the use of 528hz and I believe the love that is put into our efforts we could see objects change into hearts.  So every formula and bottle we make is charged at 528hz, the frequency of love.  Love and tremendous gratitude for life is what I hope you feel when using our products.

Please take a moment to read our reviews and check out our video testimonials to get a better idea how we may help you or a loved one.   Please also feel free to message me at our email below with questions or if you need extra help.

Blessed be to you and yours.  


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