Liz D 333mg CBD Product Review

Liz Devin

Heals cuts and scrapes with zero scaring in days. I also take a few drops under my tongue daily.

Sylvia Andresantos

I called this product magic potion. My mother is currently going through chemo due to ovarian cancer. This product helps reduce the pain right after she is done with each treatment. She is doing well and recovering better than expected. The doctors are very impressed.

Leonor Pardo De Figueroa

Truly amazing and beneficial for the body in so many ways. But one must try it and see for themselves.

Ty Levi

Great stuff, i cut my calf awhile back ago and got stiches it was a deep cut fat came out and all… used cbd on the area for a week and darnk some in about two weeks i felt like new!

Cassie Chandler

I can’t describe how much I love and swear by this product. Recently I used Regener8tion for a cyst on my wrist. It’s popped up from time to time over the years and usually takes a few weeks to go away. This last time I used Regener8tion and the cyst was gone in three days. …

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Eric M 1111mg CBD Product Review

Eric Malcolm

So grateful for this product, I’ve used it for my mouth when i accidentally bite my cheek or tongue. Takes the pain away and heals twice as fast. I’ve also given it to my beloved dog to help a laceration heal quicker.

Oz Gur Goral

This product is very different than others. Very easy to use both orally or topically thanks to its light but concentrated texture… the price point is also surprisingly very affordable. If you’re looking for a reliable and quality product, you can not go wrong with this.

Kyle Winstead

This stuff works miracles. When I was introduced to it I had an infected cut on the top of my hand that caused all sorts of pain in my wrist and fingers. Almost instantly after applying this to my hand/wrist the pain lessened and it felt more comfortable to move around. Within the next couple days …

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Ipek Ozulu Goldberg

Absolutely love my Regener8tion 777 mg CBD. I have been using it everyday for the past week and noticed a difference in my energy, my sleep, my skin. I wake up ready to charge the day!  Thank you for creating this magical medicine. I will be a user for life and recommend to many. Everyone can …

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