Gigi S 111mg CBD Product Review

Gigi Snyder

I got it for my dog, who was paralyzed in his back legs when I got him. Although he was slowly rehabilitating through other means, he was constantly shaking from pain. I gave him some Regeneration, and he was immediately frisky, playful and bold after just one dose. He had been abused badly before I […]

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Anita Pfeifer Westfall

I was introduced to this product in hopes that it would help with my shoulder pain and lack of mobility. I had already done 6 weeks of physical therapy which didn’t help at all. I initially rubbed some of the oil onto my shoulder and within about 15 minutes, it just felt more lubricated. I

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Lin Lin Hu

I bought the highest potency 5555 mg originally thinking for my mother and sister because they were both diagnosed with stage 2 and 1 breast cancer, for post-surgery regeneration. However, they are not exposed to the healing properties of cbd oil so I don’t know if it is the right time to bring it to

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Joshua R 333mg CBD Product Review

Joshua Royse

I had a deep gash from a surfing injury that probably should have gotten stitched up. I tried some glues and other products to speed up the healing without much success. Elcee sent me this oil and I noticed incredible results. The wound stayed cleaner throughout the day somehow and there was no pain when

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Michi S 1111mg CBD Product Review

Michelle Schonberg

There are so many wonderful things to say about this product! The greatest way it’s changed my life is that it’s helped the pain disappear from a deep muscle fissure I acquired after a nearly fatal car accident about two years ago. The muscle fissure is located on my lower back next to my spine.

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