Lin Lin Hu

I bought the highest potency 5555 mg originally thinking for my mother and sister because they were both diagnosed with stage 2 and 1 breast cancer, for post-surgery regeneration. However, they are not exposed to the healing properties of cbd oil so I don’t know if it is the right time to bring it to them, for there’s the resistance from their beliefs. However, I was drawn to this medicine for my own intuition guidance to help myself in healing a condition called psoriasis. I thought I would be the first one to get the benefit and let the outcome speaks for itself before I introduce it to my family. I got the bottle in the mail around mid January 2018 and now it’s been around 3 weeks that I’ve taken the oil orally and also I made my own hemp/cbd oil mix as moisturizer to put on my skin daily. I pump once under my tongue in the morning and before bedtime and 2 more throughout the day. Sometimes I pump once in my palm and dab on my inflamed spots on my face, ears and other sensitive spots. After these times my face is almost clear and other bodily areas is showing calmness and less inflamed. I’m a believer that our bodies can self heal but with the right medicine it can be programmed to regenerate speedier. CBD oil is an amazing medicine that shows me so much love and healing, especially when I’m moving cross states and dealing with stressful factors. I’m looking forward to seeing my remission in the near future! Thanks for Ellcee for making this beautiful medicine with the power of love, and to my higher self’s guidance to receive it. Trust the medicine and expect the best outcome for our own intentions and vibrations also play the roles in the total healing. Hope this review can help others better receive the healing effect from the medicine. Much love �

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