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Regeneration CBD is Made With Love

My name is Ellcee, people ask me all the time what sets us apart? With so many CBD companies out there, why are we different. Though we understand that CBD in and of itself is amazing… what we have created is a very different, powerful and completely versatile formula for joyful life!!!

Here’s a bit about why I created Regeneration. CBD got my attention many years ago when my daughter, who had been in chronic pain her whole life, began taking CBD and her results she were incredible! That got my attention!!! I couldn’t have been happier to see my daughter free to live life to the fullest. So I began learning about CBD, I couldn’t believe the magnitude of benefits this one molicule holds… sooo I started my own company, REGENERATION CBD.

This is what sets us apart…

1st… because helping all beings truly is my passion! I don’t want to see anyone suffer like my daughter did and Regeneration CBD gives me a platform to help others in a magnitude of different ways.

2nd… we created the strongest formulas on the market using only the highest quality ingredients because our intention is to help you quickly.

3rd… I understand the power of energy and how it can help fuel our joyful life. This is why I super charge every bottle with the purest ingredients, frequency, crystals and intention to quickly help.

Part of helping people live our healthiest life is showing you different ways of growing, such as listening to frequency music, meditations, mantras and simple life hacks. A happy mind helps create a happy body, so we post different healing modalities regularly to help you to help yourself to happiness. Please read to the bottom for suggestions to help fuel your joy.

Every bottle of Regeneration CBD is super charged using healing frequencies of 432 hz, 528 hz and 639 hz then covered in sacred geometry. We set intentions for each bottle to fill your mind, body and soul with divine energy to sweetly and swiftly bring you into a joy filled life.

We have created a versatile product to be used both topically and sublingually to target all of your bodies needs with just one bottle. Simply choose the strength that feels right for you. The number of mg’s tells you the quantity of CBD in each bottle. The higher the number, the stronger the formula.

We are third party tested, we are safe for all ages and animals because we have No THC and completely pure ingredients… and our reviews are INCREDIBLE!

Please always message me if you need extra help or have additional questions, remember, helping is our passion.
– Additional Holistic Guidance and Life Hacks to Joy –
1) Set your good morning ‘alarm’ to happy music and put in the NOTE:
Because we should always wake up with a SMILE, even if we are ‘faking it’. We are teaching our brain happiness. YOUR STREET is Your Powerful Reminder that all you can ‘control’ is YOUR STREET, meaning Your Life and then allow others to live their life.
Making your bed properly so that no matter how hectic your day may be, you have accomplished something. Never beat yourself up, just try to do your best.

2) Brush your teeth well 1st thing and Wash your beautiful face which clears energetic energy also… do this morning and evening.

3) Then Take Your Regeneration CBD, 3 pumps under your tongue also put a few drops on your body on any place there is discomfort.

3) Look in the mirror, smile and tell yourself you love YOU. We are ALL imperfectly Perfect!

4) Everytime you hear a DING, from a text message, church bells, music, etc… Hear a Ding, Think ‘I love me, I love us’, you can chant it if you like! BECAUSE we are creating new neural pathways to re-teach our precious minds to LOVE OURSELVES FIRST 🙂
5) Please join our Daily United Manifestation Meditations. Just take 3 deep breaths, close your eyes and say YES to allowing divine eternal love to fill your life now and always while with every breath releasing all that does not serve your highest, most joy filled life.
You can set a daily reminder and join us as often as possible at:

10:10 AM PST

You can play this music which is the Devi Prayer, a prayer of peace to all. It’s 20 minutes long and allowed to be shared. Here is it’s YouTube link. Please like and share, this is not Regenerations Music, we have permission to share it.

Meditation is a powerful tool to help calm your energy and create homeostasis. Joining us is also a HUGE reminder that You Are Not Alone. We are all in this together and we are on Your Team with Love! So please, let us help.

6) If you are on Facebook please, join, like, share, live and create a passion and deep understanding of @HealOurEarthCampaign because YOU MATTER and our Earth, our only home truly needs you.

Thank You!

We Got You!

United We Thrive

Thank you for reading, and I hope you join our journey! – Ellcee


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