Anita Pfeifer Westfall

I was introduced to this product in hopes that it would help with my shoulder pain and lack of mobility. I had already done 6 weeks of physical therapy which didn’t help at all. I initially rubbed some of the oil onto my shoulder and within about 15 minutes, it just felt more lubricated. I started to take 2 pumps under my tongue twice a day….. And after 2 months I was back to having full rotation of my shoulder. It was even during my busiest time of the year when I totally over use my arm and shoulder. I have now been taking 2 pumps under my tongue for 6 months and my entire body has very few aches and pains…. I skip a day here and there, but I’m a true believer in this CBD oil! It’s truly AMAZING and I highly recommend it! Much love!

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