Gigi Snyder

I got it for my dog, who was paralyzed in his back legs when I got him. Although he was slowly rehabilitating through other means, he was constantly shaking from pain. I gave him some Regeneration, and he was immediately frisky, playful and bold after just one dose.

He had been abused badly before I adopted him, so this was a huge step! I could tell he had a lot of pain relief. A week after giving it to him regularly, I was gently stretching him (as I had been daily), and his whole back went CRACK and totally released. His formally contorted spine is now almost completely straight!

I was also using it for myself to deal with extremely debilitating neck pain I had been experiencing for two years following an auto accident. I was seeing a chiropractor weekly for years, and once I started taking the CBD oil, my body seemed to magically begin adjusting itself (sort of like my dog!). My weekly appointments lowered to monthly, and as a bonus, my skin started to look better as well. I actually had many compliments.

I am about to get my second bottle, as I have noticed some relapse with both my dog and myself now that we don’t have it. However, I did not find it addicting in any sort of way, I really didn’t even notice the effects at all other than pain relief and beauty! Highly recommend.

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