Michelle Schonberg

There are so many wonderful things to say about this product! The greatest way it’s changed my life is that it’s helped the pain disappear from a deep muscle fissure I acquired after a nearly fatal car accident about two years ago. The muscle fissure is located on my lower back next to my spine. Of course I tried icy hot, pain medications, medical grade muscle pain reliever but nothing worked. This product really helps change my day as I work in the audio world where I am standing for long periods of time. The pain can be debilitating and with out the cbd oil I can’t stand or enjoy myself. Once I put it on it’s about 10 minutes and I feel brand new. I also tried giving this to my dog who is about 15 years old with glaucoma and spinal deformation from old age. I noticed after about 2 weeks of use his back started to straighten out which is insane! I have also started giving some to my mom, hopefully she will be able to tell me how this product has helped her very soon. Thank you!

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