United Guided Meditation

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Hello everyone, I’m Ellcee Love and this is Wellness with Love.
With everything happening in the world right now I’d like to share a few ways to help your mind, body and soul feel comfort, peace and connection to others.   

There are so many different healing modalities out there, which I look forward to sharing with you soon, yet today I want to focus on the power of meditation.  Many people get a little overwhelmed at the thought of meditating so I’d like to invite you to simply play the link below as often as you’d like.  This is an easy guided meditation.  Find a place to sit quietly or if you are in a busy area just put your headphones in, close your eyes and allow this meditation to bring peace.  Together we will help fill you and your loved ones with eternal joyful love and ask for all the resources that you want and need to live your happiest, most joyful life.

Guided meditations are how I began my spiritual journey into a wellness space.  Meditations allow us to easily drop into a peaceful state of mind. As we disconnect from the hecticness of life we connect to the power of divine source energy.  During this connected conscious space we gently recharge our mind, body and soul.

Meditation is an extremely powerful tool in helping us develop strong communication with others because by calming our mind it helps us to respond vs react.  Let’s say you need to have a difficult conversation with a friend or family member.  Before your conversation you can give yourself a few minutes and play this guided meditation or drop into your own meditation of gratitude and ask for divine communication with a peaceful outcome. How we communicate with ourselves and others reflects back on our life in every way, so I remind you to please choose your words wisely, I’ll talk more about this in another post.

To help everyone connect on a deeper level Wellness with Love has three scheduled meditation daily.  Simply set reminders on your phone and drop in with us for as long as it feels good to you. You can join for just 3 minutes or longer, from wherever you are.   Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and blow all of your air out, then for the first minute give thanks… if you’re having a rough day take it back to the basics and give thanks to the air… thaaank you air, then move on to thank all those who have helped us in our life.  Second, ask for what you want… please give me all the resources I want and need to live my most joy filled life, please give us signs that we are on our highest path or how to get there.  Third, Hold your mind clear and listen for any messages from Source. You can then take a few minutes and visualize what your perfect life looks like, feel it as though you were already living it. Smile and remember You Are Amazing!

Here are our daily united meditation times.  Please set a reminder and drop in as often as you can. Our collective consciousness is our most powerful state of manifestation.  Also, when this reminder goes off it helps you to remember that you are not alone, that you are part of a community that cares and is actively working to create positive change in our world. You Matter!

Please join us daily at:




I invite you to take note of where you are in your life. This will help you see the amazing changes that will happen when you begin incorporating meditation to help illuminate your most beautiful life. We look forward to sharing many other tools and guides to light the way of your highest, happiest path.

With Love,

Ellcee Love

This video is a United Guided Meditation that will help you to calm your mind and expand your awareness to yourself and those around you. This video is meant to heal and calm you mind, body and soul.


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